Teaching and Research Faculty

Beth Archie

Archie, Beth
Associate Professor
Research Interests:  Behavioral ecology, disease ecology and population genetics


Belovsky, Gary E.
Martin J. Gillen Director of UNDERC
Research Interests: Population/community ecology, conservation biology


Besansky, Nora J.
Research Interests: Molecular evolutionary genetics of mosquitoes


Boyd, Sunny K.
Research Interests: Neuroendocrine control of behavior


Champion, Patricia
Associate Professor
Research Interests: Molecular genetics of mycobacterial protein secretion and pathogenesis


Collins, Frank H.
George and Winifred Clark Professor
Research Interests: Genetics of arthropod vectors of human pathogens



D’Souza-Schorey, Crislyn
Morris Pollard Professor
Department Chair
Research Interests: Cell signaling and cancer progression

Giles Duffield

Duffield, Giles E.
Associate Professor
Research Interests: Molecular biology of circadian rhythms in mammals and mosquito vectors; clock
control of metabolism


Duman, John G.
Martin J. Gillen Professor
Research Interests: Physiological adaptations to subzero temperature, antifreeze proteins


Feder, Jeffrey
Research Interests: Ecological genetics

Michael Ferdig

Ferdig, Michael T.
Research Interests: Genetics and genomics of drug resistance and virulence in the malaria parasite


Fraser, Jr., Malcolm J.
Rev. Julius A. Nieuwland, C.S.C. Professor
Research Interests: Molecular biology and genetics of viruses


Haldar, Kasturi
Rev. Julius A. Nieuwland, C.S.C. Professor
James C. Parsons and Carrie Ann Quinn Director of the Center for Rare and Neglected Diseases
Research Interests: Understanding disease pathology and developing treatments in rare and neglected

Reginald Hill

Hill, Reginald
Archibald Assistant Professor
Research Interests: Genetic models of pancreatic cancer

Hope Hollocher

Hollocher, Hope
Associate Professor
Director of Graduate Studies
Research Interests: Population and evolutionary genetics

David Hyde

Hyde, David R.
Rev. H.J. Kenna, C.S.C. Memorial Director of the Zebrafish Research Center
Research Interests: Retinal development and neuronal regeneration using adult stem cells in Zebrafish

Stuart Jones

Jones, Stuart E.
Assistant Professor
Research Interests: Aquatic microbial and ecosystem ecology

Gary Lamberti

Lamberti, Gary A.
Research Interests: Stream and wetland ecology

Shaun Lee

Lee, Shaun
Associate Professor
Research Interests: Molecular microbiology and biosynthesis of peptide antibiotics


Li, Lei
Associate Professor
Research Interests: Molecular genetics of retinal degeneration and visual modulation


Lodge, David M.
Ludmilla F., Stephen J., and Robert T. Galla Professor
Research Interests: Freshwater ecology; biology of invasions


McDowell, Mary Ann
Associate Professor
Research Interests: Immunobiology of Leishmania infections

Jason McLachlan

McLachlan, Jason
Associate Professor
Research Interests: Ecology of forests and plant population ecology, statistical modeling, paleoecology

Edwin Michael

Michael, Edwin
Research Interests: Epidemiology and population ecology of disease transmission


Morales, Miguel A.
Assistant Professor
Research Interests: Molecular parasitology, Leishmania stress response and drug resistance

Joseph O'Tousa

O’Tousa, Joseph E.
Research Interests: Photoreceptor function and processes of retinal degeneration

Athanasia Panopoulos

Panopoulos, Athanasia D.
Elizabeth and Michael Gallagher Assistant Professor
Research Interests: Stem cells; reprogramming; cancer stem cells; blood cell development


Perkins, T. Alex
Eck Family Assistant Professor
Research Interests: Infectious disease epidemiology and population biology


Pfrender, Michael
Associate Professor
Research Interests: Ecological genomics, adaptation in natural populations, plasticity


Ravosa, Matthew J.
Research Interests: Evolutionary morphology and pathobiology of the mammalian skull, masticatory
complex and musculoskeletal system


Rocha, Adrian
Assistant Professor
Research Interests: Ecosystem ecology, land-atmosphere interactions, and disturbance

Jeanne Romero-Severson

Romero-Severson, Jeanne
Research Interests: Quantitative and population genetics

Zach Schafer Spotlight

Schafer, Zachary T.
Associate Professor
Research Interests: Cancer cell survival during metastasis


Schorey, Jeffrey S.
George B. Craig Jr. Professor
Research Interests: Immunology and cell biology of Mycobacterium – Host cell interactions


Schulz, Robert A.
University of Notre Dame Professor
Research Interests: Development and stem cells

David Severson

Severson, David W.
Research Interests: Mosquito genetics and genomics


Syed, Zainulabeuddin (Zain)
Assistant Professor
Research Interests: Neuroethology and chemical ecology of arthropod vector of diseases


Tank, Jennifer L.
Ludmilla F., Stephen J., and Robert T. Galla Professor
Research Interests: Stream ecology and biogeochemistry

Greg Timp

Timp, Gregory
Keough-Hesburgh Professor
Research Interests: Single molecule spectroscopy, genetic engineering, THz-transistor technology
and laser-guided assembly of living cells into tissue for applications in life sciences and medicine

Kevin Vaughan

Vaughan, Kevin T.
Associate Professor
Research Interests: Molecular basis of organelle transport


Wingert, Rebecca
Elizabeth and Michael Gallagher Assistant Professor
Research Interests: Developmental biology and regeneration


Zhang, Siyuan
Nancy Dee Assistant Professor
Research Interests: Cancer biology: tumor metastasis and drug resistance

Adjunct Faculty (can advise graduate students)

Blakesley, Michael
Adjunct Assistant Professor 

Dr David Boone

Boone, David
Adjunct Associate Professor


Dahl, Richard
Adjunct Assistant Professor
Research Interests: Multipotent stem cells, gene expression


Halperin, David
Adjunct Assistant Professor


Olson, Kenneth
Adjunct Professor
Research Interests: Ion transport; cardiovascular blood flow in fish gill


Prosperi, Jenifer R.
Adjunct Assistant Professor
Research Interests: Breast cancer tumor development


Scheel, Molly Duman
Adjunct Associate Professor
Research Interests: Genetics of nervous system development


Sheets, Patrick
Adjunct Assistant Professor
Research Interests: Neurobiology of cortical circuits involved in pain, stress, and autonomic regulation

Concurrent Faculty


Berke, Melissa
Concurrent Assistant Professor
Research Interests: Past climate variability and associated global ecosystem change


Goodson, Holly V.
Concurrent Associate Professor
Research Interests: Biochemistry, molecular biology, bioinformatics
Hamlet, Alan
Concurrent Assistant Professor
Research Interests: Modeling of climate variability and change; water resources systems


Shrader-Frechette, Kristin
Concurrent Professor 
O’Neill Professor of Philosophy; Director, Center for Environmental Justice and Children's Health
Research Interests: Population-biology modeling, epidemiological risk assessment, philosophy of science, environmental justice


Shrout, Joshua
Concurrent Assistant Professor
Research Interests: Bacterial biofilms, cell-cell signaling, and surface motility


Stack, M. Sharon
Concurrent Professor
Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry; Ann F. Dunne and Elizabeth M. Riley Director of the Harper Cancer Research Institute
Research Interests: Regulation of proteolysis and adhesion

Research Faculty


Achee, Nicole L.
Research Associate Professor
Research Interests: Epidemiology and control of arthropod-borne diseases

Dom Chaloner

Chaloner, Dominic
Research Associate Professor
Research Interests: Pacific salmon, specifically in terms of ecosystem resource subsidies, ecosystem engineering, and contaminant biotransport


Christopher, Sheila
Research Assistant Professor
Notre Dame Environmental Change Initiative
Research Interests: Watershed ecology, biogeochemistry



Grieco, John P.
Research Associate Professor
Research Interests: Epidemiology, ecology, and transmission dynamics of vector-borne illness


Leevy, W. Matthew
Research Associate Professor
Director, Biological Imaging, Notre Dame Integrated Imaging Facility

Neil Lobo

Lobo, Neil
Research Associate Professor
Research Interests: Mosquito genomics, malaria transmission and epidemiology


Kathy Taylor

Taylor, Katherine
Research Professor  
Director of Operations and Interim Director of Global Health Training for the Eck Institute for Global Health


Tanaka, Tetsuya
Research Associate Professor
Chemical and Biochemical Engineering and Biological Sciences


Tokusumi, Tsuyoshi
Research Assistant Professor


Vaughan, Patricia S.
Research Assistant Professor
Research Interests: Dynactin & cytoplasmic Dynein-mediated motility

Special Professional Faculty


Ahern, Lacey
Assistant Professional Specialist
Assistant Director for Global Health Training, Eck Institute for Global Health

Michael Cramer

Cramer, Michael
Assistant Teaching Professor
Assistant Director UNDERC-East


Deak, Karen Imgrund
Assistant Professor of the Practice

Ken Filchak

Filchak, Kenneth
Associate Teaching Professor

Barb Hellenthal

Hellenthal, Barbara
Associate Professional Specialist
Curator, Museum of Biodiversity and Greene-Nieuwland Herbarium


Hellenthal, Ronald A.
Director, Museum of Biodiversity
Professor Emeritus
Research Interests: Insect indicators: ecology, evolution, environment


Laws, Angela Nardoni
Assistant Director
University of Notre Dame Environmental Research Center-West


Lewis, Kristin
Associate Teaching Professor
Gen Bio Coordinator



Michael, Nancy
Assistant Teaching Professor
Neuroscience and Behavior


Milord, Marie Denise
Assistant Professional Specialist
Research Interests:  Neglected tropical diseases (NTD) and coordination of malaria and lymphatic filariasis elimination efforts in Hispaniola


Novick, Rachel
Assistant Professional Specialist
Director of the Minor in Sustainability

Mark Olsen

Olsen, T. Mark
Associate Teaching Professor
Intro Bio Coordinator

Jennifer Robichaud

Robichaud, Jennifer
Assistant Teaching Professor



Stark, Amy
Assistant Professional Specialist
Director, DNA Learning Center


Streit, CSC,Thomas
Associate Professional Specialist
Research Interests: Vector-borne disease transmission, control and prevention

David Veselik

Veselik, David
Assistant Teaching Professor
Biology Club Advisor


Whaley, Michelle
Teaching Professor
Genetics and Cell Biology REU Program Director
Coordinator of Undergraduate Research program

Library Faculty


Ladwig, J. Parker
Subject Librarian for Mathematics, Statistics, Biology, and Medicine

Emeritus Professors

Esch, Harold
Emeritus Professor
Research Interests: Electrophysiology and behavior

Fuchs, Morton
Emeritus Professor
Research Interests: Biochemical genetics of insect ovarian development

Grimstad, Paul
Emeritus Professor
Research Interests: Vector-borne disease ecology and epidemiology

Hellenthal, Ronald A.
Emeritus Professor
Research Interests:  Insect indicators: ecology, evolution, environment

Kulpa, Charles F.
Emeritus Professor
Research Interests: Applied and environmental microbiology

McGrath, CSC, James
Emeritus Professor

Rai, Karamjit
Emeritus Professor
Research Interests: Evolutionary and molecular genetics of mosquitos

Tweedell, Kenyon
Emeritus Professor
Research Interests: Experimental embryology and oncology