Jessica Hellmann


Conservation Biology; Population Ecology; Global Change

Jessica J. Hellmann

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Associate Professor
B.S., University of Michigan, Ann Arbor
Ph.D., Stanford University
Postdoctoral, Stanford University & University of British Columbia

The Hellmann lab addresses cutting-edge questions in conservation and global change biology. These include: How does global change alter the risk of species and population extinction? How do interactions among species amplify or buffer the effects of change? What steps might we take to mitigate negative impacts of change when they occur? We bring field studies, laboratory research, genetics and genomics, and mathematical modeling to bear on such questions, and we integrate ecology and evolution to predict the trajectory of populations and communities under change. Answering such questions is crucial for predicting the future of biodiversity. To preserve ecosystem services and other biodiversity values, we need to understand how the distribution and abundance of species is currently being altered and shaped.
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