PAHO presentation in March 2018

Paho Presentation In March 2018

BVEC was presenting its work and research at a reginoal technical meeting of the Pan American Health Organization (PAHO).

PAHO promotes technical cooperation between countries and works in partnership with ministries of health and other government agencies, civil society organizations, other international agencies, universities, social security agencies, community groups, and other partners. PAHO promotes the inclusion of health in all public policies and the engagement of all sectors in efforts to ensure that people live longer, healthier lives, with good health as their most valuable resource. To know more about PAHO, click here.

Presentation at Belmopan Comprehensive High School


On February 2, 2018 Donovan Leiva from BVEC was giving a presentation at the Belmopan Comprehensive High School to introduce the students to general mosquito knowledge, mosquito borne diseases (Dengue, Chikingunya, Zika and Malaria). He also demonstrates the use of BG sentinel and Ovitraps.


Tablet Training2

In mid-December 2017, BVEC held its second part toward the tablet training sessions in which trainees learned and practiced how to create their own forms and all the processes involved in using them. This session was a follow-up session to the previous one in November and the same trainees participated throughout both sessions.


Environmental Day

BVEC was invited by Science teachers of Nazarene High School in Belize City in early December 2017 to be a part of their environmental awareness day. Here BVEC set up their booth amongst other local NGO’s and shared knowledge on Vectors and Vector Borne Diseases as well as education on identification of vectors and the importance of having a clean environment.


Tablet Training

In November 2017, BVEC held Part 1 of a two part Training Session on the Use and Creation of Digital Forms as they introduce the importance of Mobile Technology. BVEC’s Donovan Leiva and Alvaro Cruz led the tablet training initiative given to members of the MOH Northern Unit

The BVEC at the 4th Annual UB Science Expo

4th Ub Science Expo

BVEC participated again in another Science Expo at the University of Belize in November 2017. This year the team had to opportunity to share their knowledge with students from primary, secondary and tertiary levels.

Santa Martha Flood Relief

Santa Martha

In October 2017, BVEC was invited by the Rotary Club of Orange Walk to present to the community of Santa Martha village in Orange Walk Town. The village was recently devastated by a flood and BVEC was there to give spread awareness on mosquitoes and illnesses associated as well as preventative methods.

2017 Outreach Activities

BVEC is proud to continue sponsoring the Annual Biology & Chemistry Symposium at the University of Belize, Central Campus, Belmopan City. At this annual symposium, faculty and students present their research findings to peers and community members to raise awareness the sciences and facilitate scholarly engagement.

Each year, top posters are awarded prizes through the support and generosity of BVEC managing directors Drs. Nicole L. Achee and John P. Grieco. This year, the BVEC symposium awardees are:

1st place: Briean William (Poster Title: Historical Water Quality Data of the Belize River & watershed Extracted from Environmental Impact Assessments)

2nd place: Aspiro Urbina (Poster Title: Species Richness and Abundance of Dung Beetles (Coleoptera: Scarabaeidae: Scarabaeinae) of Saint Herman’s Blue Hole National Park, Belize)

3rd place: Alexandra Fabro (Poster Title: The Isolation and Identification of Parasites and Culture Dependent Bacteria from the Internal and External body of Petenia splendida, Bay Snook, in the Crooked Tree Lagoon

Additionally, MSGH students from the University of Notre Dame engage in the UB Annual Biology & Chemistry Symposium, often presenting portions of their capstone projects.

Ub Symposia Awardees2017 UB Symposia awardees

Briean WillamBriean William (Right) with BVEC Research Staff Donovan Leiva and Marla Magaña

AspiroAspiro Urbina (Right) with BVEC Staff Marla Magaña and Donovan Leiva

AlexandraAlexandra Fabro (Right) with BVEC Staff Marla Magaña and Donovan Leiva

BVEC StaffLeft to right: BVEC Staff Donovan Leiva and Marla Magaña, Julianie Pasos (Dean of Faculty of Science and Technology), Karen Waight (Chair of the Biology Department) and 2017 MSGH students Emma Forrest and Chris Knaub

3rd Annual UB Science Fair

3rd Annual Ub Science Fair

BVEC was invited to be a part of the 3rd Annual UB Science Fair in November 2016 which was bigger than the previous year. There was a bigger turnout of students who were are actively engaged and asking questions. Students from all levels came around to learn about the different vectors and to gain knowledge on threats such as the Zika virus and preventative methods.

New Hope High School Science Fair

New Hope High School Science Fair

On March 2016, BVEC was invited to the New Hope High School Science Fair to share our knowledge of vectors and vector borne diseases with the students and attendees. Students from both primary and secondary level institutions were present at the event.

2nd Annual UB Science Expo

Ub Science Expo

BVEC is a proud participant of the University of Belize Science Expo held yearly in the month of November. BVEC made its first appearance in the expo on November 2015 and have since continued to participate. Being the National University, UB invited schools from primary, secondary and even tertiary level institutions to be a part of the event and visit the different booths so they can gain insight to the field of science.