Prospective Students

The Honors Biology Program is designed for students who plan to pursue research after graduating from Notre Dame. The honors program is an undergraduate research intensive program that culminates in writing a senior thesis. Honor students are asked to be active members of the Department of Biological Sciences through various leadership opportunities.

“I joined the Honors Biology program because I wanted to have the opportunity to deeply immerse myself in a research project and learn how to conduct a scientific research project from start to finish. I plan to attend graduate school and I wanted to have an experience that would prepare me for graduate level research. This program has taught me how to communicate my research effectively as well as understanding scientific literature."

-Sarah Philo ‘16

“The Honors Program has provided me the opportunity to hone my research and scientific writing skills in coordination with some of the best undergraduate researchers in my class. The speakers and resources offered have helped me to become more comfortable with the complete research process from design to presentation. Beyond improving my skills I was also able to learn about the areas of study of my fellow researchers and expand my scientific knowledge.”

-Gary George ‘16

“The Honors Program will provide me with the best possible means of preparing me for graduate school by improving my speaking, writing, and research skills. Furthermore, it gives me the opportunity to work with top students in Biology who share a similar interest and passion with me.”

-Luqun Shen ‘16


If you have questions about the Honors program, please contact current seniors or Dr. Michelle Whaley:
Sarah Philo, Biological Sciences
Zoe Volenec, Environmental Sciences
Dr. Michelle Whaley, Faculty Coordinator