Master of Science in Global Health Supervised Projects

The Master of Science in Global Health program at the Eck Institute for Global Health provides an engaging science-centric training in the context of global health. The Achee/Grieco lab has trained many masters students in the past few years. For more information on this program or how to apply see:


This year, Dr. Nicole Achee will be advising MSGH students Emma Forrest and Madison Bailey while Dr. John Grieco will be advising MSGH students Aidan Sweeney, Cheska Zoleta, and Chris Knaub. More information regarding their specific projects is forthcoming.

  • Victoria Wadman: Long-Lasting Insecticide Net Campaign Evaluation in Belize, Central America
  • Desmond Jumbam: Knowledge, Attitudes and Practices (KAP) Assessment of Malaria Interventions in Zambia
  • Gulaiim Almatkyzy: Facilitating Dengue Vector Surveillance for Disease Control
  • Olivia Ahearn: Repurposing Miltefosine for the Treatment and Prevention of Chagas Disease
  • Brooke Miers: Assessing the Potential Risk Factors Associated with Nodding Syndrome in Northern Uganda
  • Kaya Garringer: Assessing the Risk of Rickettsial Pathogens in Thailand
  • John Nida: Establishing a framework for the release of genetically modified mosquitoes in southern Mexico
  • Michael Prough: Analysis of Aedes aegypti Hotspots and Hot Zones in Two Neighborhoods of Santo Domingo, Ecuador

More Info - Class of 2016

  • Atticus Lum: Malaria on the Thailand border: Capturing the underlying burden
  • Quynh Trang Hoang: Vector bionomics and occupational risk of malaria in rubber plantations of Western Thailand
  • Darlene Kim: Risk Assessment of Onchocerciasis in Southern Chiapas, Mexico
  • Anoid Ndamba: An Assessment of Head Lice Infestation in Native Lacandon Populations in Chiapas, Mexico
  • Patrick Albright: Integrating a Field-Friendly Diagnostic System into Routine Dengue Vector Surveillance
  • Luke Wren: Evaluation of the efficacy and social perception of vector control methods for Chagas Disease in Western Belize
  • Reconane Etta: Assessing the Challenges of Dengue Prevention and Control in the Caribbean: A focus oninter-sectoral collaboration

More Info - Class of 2015

  • Macy Brusich: Targeting educational campaigns for prevention of vector-borne disease: An assessment of rural vs. urban settings in Thailand
  • Michael Clark: Design and assessment of a mobile database management system for arthropod-borne disease surveillance in Belize

More Info - Class of 2014