Biological Sciences Major Careers

Biological sciences students – consisting of both Biology and Environmental Science majors – pursue a variety of jobs and graduate schooling after graduation as the biology degree provides a strong foundation for many career paths. A majority of students continue their studies as competitive applicants to medical schools, graduate schools, or other professional schools. Students also pursue service, teaching, and careers in research, industry, and business.

Biological Sciences Careers

Graduate School

Students in the biological sciences are well prepared to be competitive applicants to MS, PhD, and MD/PhD programs across the country. Some students may also stay at Notre Dame to pursue a MS in Global Health. There is a spring seminar course available to help students become familiar with the application process and prepare drafts of personal statements.

Medical School

Students in the biological sciences are well prepared to be competitive applicants to medical schools. A spring seminar is offered from the Pre-professional office to help students prepare for interviews and organize application materials.

Other Professional School

Biological science students may pursue professional careers in areas such as veterinary medicine, dentistry, or other allied health professions. Resources are provided to help students prepare for these schools and become competitive applicants.


Biological science students are able to compete for employment opportunities. Some of these students may join research laboratories and pursue graduate or medical school up to five years post-graduation.

Teaching, Service, & Special Programs

Many biological science students pursue teaching or service opportunities after graduation. One program headquartered here at the University of Notre Dame is the Alliance for Catholic Education, a volunteer program which enables students to teach in schools across the country for two years after graduation. Notre Dame’s Center for Social Concerns helps students find and apply to service opportunities and hosts a post-graduate service fair each fall.

Non-Life Sciences Grad School

Some biological science students may pursue further education in areas outside biology and find the scientific background provided as a biology major useful as they pursue these career paths. Notre Dame offers three masters programs that appeal to many science students interested in cross-disciplinary careers: the Entrepreneur Master's Program (ESTEEM), the Master of Science in Patent Law, and the Master of Science in Management (MSM).

General Events & Information

Environmental Sciences Major Careers

One of the great advantages of the Environmental Sciences Major is the myriad of post-bachelorette opportunities available. Often our graduates go onto one or more of the following:

Environmental Sciences Careers


Some graduates work in academic or industrial environmental science (e.g. water quality), environmental biology and ecology labs, for non-governmental organizations (NGOs), or for various government agencies (e.g., EPA). Some have gone into environmental education at different levels in a variety of programs.

Others volunteer for ACE, Teach for America, Peace Corps, AmeriCorps, EnviroCorps, and other service programs before deciding on a career.