NDCAN Lecture Series: Dominic Vachon


Location: Jordan Hall of Science, Auditorium 105

Dominic O. Vachon, M.Div., Ph.D.

Title: The New Science of Compassion as the Hubble Telescope for the Health Professions: How the Science of Compassion is Uncovering What is Essential for Medical Training and Clinical Practice. 

Dom Vachon Headshot

The new science of compassion has provided clinicians with incredible information based on the biology, neuroscience, and psychology of compassion that is relevant to clinical practice, clinician self-care, and how to train compassion.  Yet medicine has not yet learned how to teach and apply many of these new findings. Medical schools and residency programs are gradually becoming aware of the findings of compassion science.  In this presentation, Dr. Vachon will provide an overview of the cutting-edge work of compassion science and how to use it in training and practice to improve patient care and clinician well-being.  Among the topics will be the neuroscience of empathy and the myth of emotional detachment; the clinician compassion mindset process based on the neurocognitive distinction between empathy and compassion; the model of balanced compassionate caring helping clinicians find the zone between emotional detachment and emotional over-involvement inpatient care; and the organizational and individual factors necessary to sustain this compassionate caring and prevent burnout. 

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Originally published at harpercancer.nd.edu.