Career Series Fall 2020 – Graduate School Workshops


Location: Via Zoom

Anna Hubert (ND Bilogy Alumni)
Anna Hubert majored in Biology and minored in Anthropology at Notre Dame. On campus, she worked on pharmacogenomics cancer research with Dr. Amy Stark and worked in Dr. Rebecca Whelan's lab on computer analysis of ovarian detection research. She spent two summers working on cancer research at the University of Pennsylvania. The first summer, Anna worked as a clinical research assistant in the Basser Center for BRCA in the Abramson Cancer Center. The second summer, Anna conducted laboratory research on testicular cancer for Dr. Kate Nathanson in the Department of Translational Medicine and Human Genetics.
After graduation, she began working as a Research Coordinator at UPenn. Her current research deals with genetic risk of young adults with cancer, universal genetic testing, and electronic medical record system improvement. She plans to continue a career in clinical research management and public health