Biology postdocs win first, second place in Postdoctoral Scholars Research Symposium

Author: Emily Sussman

GSU and Office for Postdoctoral Scholars Research Symposium


Congratulations to the following Postdocs for winning awards at the Graduate Student Union and Office for Postdoctoral Scholars 6th Annual Research Symposium!

From left to right: Haitao Wang, 2nd place in Engineering; Erin Grey (Lodge lab), 2nd place in Science; Jessica Meixner, 1st place in Engineering; and Aaron Sheppard (Duffield lab), 1st place in Science.










Research Topic


Aaron D. Sheppard – 1st Place Science

Biological Sciences/ Postdoc

Light-regulated blood-feeding behavior and a light phase response curve for the Anopheles gambiae malaria mosquito

Erin K. Grey – 2nd Place Science

Environmental Change Initiative/Postdoc

Forecasting Ship-born Invasive Species

Jessica Meixner – 1st Place Engineering


Discontinuous Galerkin Methods for Spectral Wave/Circulation Modeling

Haitao Wang – 2nd Place Engineering


Wet chemical preparation of catalysts layers for growth vertical aligned carbon nanotube arrays




Originally published by Emily Sussman on March 04, 2014.