MNID is Back!

Author: Kasturi Haldar

MNID is back!

The only regional meeting focusing on fungal and parasitic infections, an excellent opportunity for the Midwest mycology and parasitology community to meet in a relatively small group and learn from each other. We have a great lineup of speakers and plenty of opportunities for trainees to present and get feedback on their work.

Registration and abstract information:

Registration is free and includes all meeting materials, refreshments, and meals.

Please use this link to submit your abstract:

50% of the talks will be selected from abstracts submitted prior to June 12. Abstracts submitted after will be considered for poster presentation only.

Abstract guidelines:

  • Prepare your abstract in a document (Word, Google Docs, etc.) or PDF format.
  • Include the abstract's title and names of all authors with their affiliations.
  • Underline the presenter’s name.
  • Please keep the body of the abstract to 200 words or less.


The preliminary agenda will be posted here soon.

Meeting dates and location:

Meeting dates: site registration opens on Friday, August 12 at 11AM with lunch served at 11:30. The last session will be Saturday, August 13 from 10:50 to 12:20 with closing remarks and farewell at 12:30.

Meeting location: Jordan Hall, University of Notre Dame

We will post lodging information and other directions/parking information later. Please stay tuned!

2022 MNID Steering Committee:

Vern Carruthers, University of Michigan- Ann Arbor 

Michal Olszewski, University of Michigan

Christine Petersen, University of Iowa

Chad Rappleye, The Ohio State University

Sabrina Absalon, Indiana University School of Medicine

Joshua Beck, Iowa State University

Dibyadyuti Datta, Indiana University School of Medicine

Teresa O’Meara, University of Michigan- Ann Arbor

Nathan W. Schmidt, Indiana University School of Medicine

Sumiti Vinayak, University of Illinois

Felipe H. Santiago, University of Notre Dame – lead organizer

Angana Mukherjee, University of Notre Dame – co-organizer

Kasturi Haldar, University of Notre Dame – founding organizer



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