Research Spotlight - Grace Bradley

Author: Kelly Girst

Grace Bradley

Major: Neuroscience and Behavior
Research Location: The University of Notre Dame

Grace investigated the relationship between different coping mechanisms used during COVID-19 isolation and their impacts on marital relationships. Grace chose this topic because she read research articles that indicated that domestic violence and child abuse rates drastically increased during the COVID-19 lockdown. She wanted to examine what lifestyles and coping mechanisms contributed to this increase, and what behaviors led to more positive outlooks on the pandemic.

Grace says, "I loved working in the lab and getting to dive into each dataset with the people in my lab. The most challenging part of my research was the repetition: each participant completed the same survey 28 days in a row, so I would have to sit and re-enter the same survey 28 times, but with different data points each day. The most surprising part of my research was seeing how many people just accepted the pandemic for what it was, rather than trying to fix or improve/cope with their situation." 

Originally published by Kelly Girst at on March 23, 2023.