WNIT to air Notre Dame College of Science’s “The Christmas Lecture” on April 20

Author: Dennis Brown

WNIT, the South Bend-Elkhart region’s public broadcasting television station, will air on Sunday (April 3) and April 20 “The Christmas Lecture: Unwrap the Magic of Science,” a new event sponsored by the College of Science at the University of Notre Dame.

Delivered and recorded Dec. 9 by Greg Gage — a neuroscientist at the University of Michigan, chief executive officer of Backyard Brains and a TED fellow — the inaugural lecture is titled “Neuroscience for Everyone.”

WNIT will air the lecture on April 20 at 10 p.m. on channel 34.1 and streamed concurrently on wnit.org/live. To find out how to access the local broadcasts through your specific service provider, please visit wnit.org.  

The Christmas Lecture  aims to inspire in general audiences of any age the curiosity and wonder of scientific inquiry. It is modeled after the nearly 200-year-old Christmas Lectures series sponsored by The Royal Institution of Great Britain.


Originally published by Dennis Brown at ndworks.nd.edu on April 05, 2022.