Raquel Montanez-Gonzalez Visiting Assistant Teaching Professor

Raquel Montanez-Gonzalez

Academic Interests:

My philosophy as an educator focuses on equipping students with transferable skills—such as critical thinking— that can be used in any career. Doing so involves creating unique research opportunities for undergraduates taking part in Biological Investigations Laboratory and Research Experience in Biology Laboratory courses, where they will approach research questions through a combination of genomics, bioinformatics and molecular biology. In the biological investigations course, students will investigate how habitat variations impact local insect species density and diversity. This course provides students with a hands-on  field-to-lab experience that allows them to connect their observations in the field with data that they will collect in the lab.  In my research experience course—done in collaboration with the Genomics Education Partnership— students can expect to investigate questions regarding the evolution and function of biological pathways in Drosophila species, with a current focus on insulin signaling networks. Pairing molecular data from the laboratory with bioinformatic tools will enable students to improve their lab and computing skills, draw conclusions from data analysis, and build out follow-up questions that enable us to better understand this pathway. With a learn-by-doing approach taken in my classroom, I aim to close the gap between traditional genetics teaching and an opportunity for undergraduates to perform research.



  • Visiting Assistant Teaching Professor at Notre Dame, 2021-Present
  • Adjunct Assistant Teaching Professor, Spring 2021



  • Ph.D., Biological Sciences, University of Notre Dame
  • B. S., Biology, University of Puerto Rico at Cayey


Selected Publications:

  • Montanez-Gonzalez, R., Vallera, A.C., Calzetta, M. et al. A PCR-RFLP method for genotyping of inversion 2Rc in Anopheles coluzzii. Parasites Vectors 14, 174 (2021). https://doi.org/10.1186/s13071-021-04657-x
  • Montanez-Gonzalez, R., Pichler, V., Calzetta, M. et al. Highly specific PCR-RFLP assays for karyotyping the widespread 2Rb inversion in malaria vectors of the Anopheles
    complex. Parasites Vectors 13, 16 (2020). https://doi.org/10.1186/s13071-019-3877-x