Teaching Certification Program in Biological Sciences

Committee Oversight:  Graduate Curriculum Committee
Program Coordinator: Michelle Whaley, Ph.D.

The Department of Biological Sciences and the Kaneb Center are pleased to announce a new program for graduate students and postdoctoral scientists in Biological Sciences.  In order to create new teaching opportunities and document work toward teaching excellence, graduate students can earn a certificate of teaching preparation by completing the following program components through the Department of Biological Sciences and the Kaneb Center:


  • TA 2 semesters (departmental requirement).
  • Take GRED 640, Kaneb summer teaching course (1 credit) by David Hyde or equivalent 1 credit teaching course.
  • Attend 5 Kaneb TA Program workshops (or equivalent departmental workshop).
  • Participate in a 1 semester Apprenticeship Program in department (1 credits) in a lecture or laboratory course.  Please see Apprenticeship guidelines.

Students in their second year and beyond are eligible for this program. It is suggested that components 1, 2, and 3 are completed before component 4. However, exceptions can be made in specific cases. Components can be completed over multiple semesters and students may earn only one certificate. To receive a certificate, send a list of the components completed with a description of each and reflections of how each has molded you as a teacher. Also, include a teaching philosophy (1 –2 pages) that can be used on the academic job market. All materials can be submitted to Michelle Whaley.