Master of Science in Global Health Supervised Projects

The Master of Science in Global Health program at the Eck Institute for Global Health provides an engaging science-centric training in the context of global health. The Achee/Grieco lab has trained many masters students in the past few years. For more information on this program or how to apply see:



Keenan Sweeney: Social and Environmental Risk Factors Associated with Nodding Syndrome and Prevalence of Onchocerca spp. in Simulium spp. in Northern Uganda.



Jenna Wozniak: Community Knowledge, Attitudes and Practices Around Blackflies and the Diseases that They Transmit in Northern Uganda


Molly Barry: Community Perceptions of Spatial Repellent Use as a Vector-Control Strategy in Iquitos, Peru: a Repeated Measures Evaluation


Trevor Baker: Investigating Aedes Larval Habitats in Orange Walk Town, Belize Using Spatial Analysis and Multivariable Logistic Regression Model

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Emma Forrest

Emma Forrest: Optimization of a Novel RNAi Arbovirus Control Strategy in Belize

Madison Bailey

Madison Bailey: Assessing Perceptions of Spatial Repellent Acceptability and Use in Iquitos, Peru

Chris Knaub

Chris Knaub: Knowledge, Attitudes and Practices of Chagas disease in Belize, Central America

Aidan Sweeney

Aidan Sweeney: Establishing a Framework for Introduction of Genetic-based Mosquito Interventions Against Dengue in Thailand

Cheska Zoleta

Cheska Zoleta: Entomological Investigation and Geographic Distribution of Simulium spp. Blackflies in relation to Nodding Syndrome in Northern Uganda

Jonah Barreto

Jonah Baretto: Estimating Time-Varying Effects of Spatial Repellents on Aedes aegypti Behavior and Bionomics in Rural Thailand

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Victoria Wadman: Long-Lasting Insecticide Net Campaign Evaluation in Belize, Central America

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Desmond Jumbam: Knowledge, Attitudes and Practices (KAP) Assessment of Malaria Interventions in Zambia

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Gulaiim Almatkyzy: Facilitating Dengue Vector Surveillance for Disease Control

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Olivia Ahearn: Repurposing Miltefosine for the Treatment and Prevention of Chagas Disease

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Brooke Miers: Assessing the Potential Risk Factors Associated with Nodding Syndrome in Northern Uganda

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Kaya Garringer: Assessing the Risk of Rickettsial Pathogens in Thailand

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John Nida: Establishing a framework for the release of genetically modified mosquitoes in southern Mexico

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Michael Prough: Analysis of Aedes aegypti Hotspots and Hot Zones in Two Neighborhoods of Santo Domingo, Ecuador

More Info - Class of 2016

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Atticus Lum: Malaria on the Thailand border: Capturing the underlying burden

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Quynh Trang Hoang: Vector bionomics and occupational risk of malaria in rubber plantations of Western Thailand

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Darlene Kim: Risk Assessment of Onchocerciasis in Southern Chiapas, Mexico

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Anoid Ndamba: An Assessment of Head Lice Infestation in Native Lacandon Populations in Chiapas, Mexico

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Patrick Albright: Integrating a Field-Friendly Diagnostic System into Routine Dengue Vector Surveillance

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Luke Wren: Evaluation of the efficacy and social perception of vector control methods for Chagas Disease in Western Belize

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Reconane Etta: Assessing the Challenges of Dengue Prevention and Control in the Caribbean: A focus oninter-sectoral collaboration

More Info - Class of 2015

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Macy Brusich Ms 14

Macy Brusich: Targeting educational campaigns for prevention of vector-borne disease: An assessment of rural vs. urban settings in Thailand

Michael Clark Ms 14

Michael Clark: Design and assessment of a mobile database management system for arthropod-borne disease surveillance in Belize

More Info - Class of 2014