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Uplift is a vertical mentoring program funded by the Department of Biological Sciences that fosters security and confidence through the intentional creation of peer-mentoring relationships and friendships. This community encourages students to experience the unique collaborative nature of science, and helps them to grow into mature and experienced scientists throughout their four years at Notre Dame. A unique feature of Uplift is the Lab Shadowing Program, which allows first-years and sophomores to familiarize themselves with research cultures and opportunities by shadowing upperclassmen in their research labs either on campus or at Harper Cancer Research Center. By providing this supportive community and active learning opportunity, Uplift hopes to empower students to succeed in the rigorous Biological Sciences program at Notre Dame and explore and prepare for a variety of career paths.

Lab Shadowing (Each Fall)

A large number of Biology students at Notre Dame are interested in finding a research lab that best fits their interests, passions, and personality. As such, these students aim to have an experience that goes beyond a “checked box” on a resume or application. Uplift’s Lab Shadowing Program aims to help students reach their highest intellectual and research output potentials by:

  • Providing opportunities for first and second year students to experience undergraduate research first-hand.
  • Allowing students to explore a variety of labs and research areas of interest.
  • Familiarizing students with various lab cultures.
  • Supplying resources to help students begin thinking critically about undergraduate research.


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