Honors Program


The goal of this Honors program is to give interested students an exceptional background in biological research. Participation in this program will increase their level of commitment and productivity while preparing them for successful postgraduate careers. The program is specifically designed for students going into research careers in graduate school, M.D./Ph.D. programs, or medical school with a significant research component.

Biology and Environmental Science majors apply during fall of their junior year. Application materials (cover letter, research statement, transcript, and nomination letter from mentor) are due by November 1. Application materials should be emailed to the Department of Biological Sciences at honorsnd@nd.edu. Please see information PDF on this page for more details.

“The Honors Program in Biology creates for its participants an intellectually stimulating atmosphere in which I have refined my ability to think critically about scientific concepts, to conduct systematic and goal-oriented research, and to communicate my ideas in a clear and accessible manner.”

-Forrest Weghorst ‘16


To graduate with honors, students will have to maintain the support of their research mentor, a 3.0 Science GPA or higher and complete:

  • At least three semesters (for at least four credits total) AND one summer of independent research at Notre Dame in the same lab. Students are expected to apply for REU, COS-SURF or other summer funding and continue working in the same lab until they graduate.
  • A thesis of 25-40 pages.
  • A three credit graduate level course in the area of research.
  • A presentation at a national or regional meeting. Undergraduate conferences will typically not qualify, although the committee will consider this option under unique circumstances.
  • One disciplinary research seminar each year (1 credit seminar).

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Honors Program Faculty Coordinator

Jennifer Robichaud

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Seminary Co-Leader

Michelle Whaley

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Seminary Co-Leader

Amy Stark

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