Senior Honors Profiles

Claire Bass

Major: Biological Sciences (concentration in Ecology and Environment) and Greek and Roman Civilization (supplemental)

Minor: Glynn Family Honors Program

Mentor: Dr. Ronald Hellenthal

Project Title: The Effects of Human Land Use and Stream Restoration on the Benthic Invertebrate Populations of Juday Creek

Career Plans: Graduate school in environmental biology

Summer Experiences: Naughton Fellowship Research Experience for Undergraduates at Dublin City University (2022); COS-SURF (2023)


Teresa Cato

Major: Environmental Science and Psychology

Mentor: Dr. Gary Belovsky

Project Title: E. Cinerea Feeding Behavior and its Effects on the Future of the Great Salt Lake

Career Plans: Medical School

Summer Experiences: NIH RECOVER Study Coordinator Intern at NYU Langone Medical Center (2022), On-Campus research (2023)

Dorrian Cohen

Major: Biological Sciences and Theology Supplemental

Minor: Glynn Family Honors Program

Mentor: Dr. Shaun Lee

Project Title: The Last of Fung-Us: Evaluating the Antifungal Activity of a Synthetic Enterocin Peptide Library

Career Plans: MD/PhD

Summer Experiences: Patient Transporter at Putnam Hospital (2021), COS-SURF (2022 and 2023)

Erik Curtis

Major: Biology and Mathematics

Minor: Glynn Family Honors Program

Mentor: Jennifer Tank

Project Title: eDNA Particle Size Distribution Modifies Fate and Transport in Lotic Systems and Across Environmental Conditions

Career Plans: Ph.D. in Biology

Summer Experiences: Tank Lab Field Tech (2021), COS-SURF Recipient (2022 and 2023)

Corbin Hite

Major: Biological Sciences, Concentration in Infectious Disease and Global Health

Minor: Energy Studies

Mentor: Dr. Gary Lamberti

Project Title: The Effects of Elodea canadensis on Alaskan Freshwater Ecosystem Function and Pacific Salmon Populations

Career Plans: Public Health Graduate School

Summer Experiences: Coastal Wetland Monitoring Program tech and on-campus research (2021), COS-SURF recipient and Alaskan Forest Service Intern (2022), On-campus research (2023)

Aisling Kruger

Major: Biological Sciences, Concentration in Evolution and Genomics

Minor: Environmental Earth Sciences

Mentor: Dr. Rebecca A. Wingert

Project Title: Elucidating the Role of Iroquois Transcription Factor 4a in Kidney Development

Career Plans: Ph.D. in Ecology and Evolutionary Biology

Summer Experiences: UNDERC Track 1 (2022), COS-SURF undergraduate research in the Wingert Lab (2023)

Bella Laufenberg

Major: Biological Sciences

Minor: Journalism, Ethics and Democracy; Classical Studies Heritage

Mentor: Dr. David Boone

Project Title: Novel relationship between Gkn-1 and VAP-A in secretion and trafficking through the gastrointestinal tract

Career Plans: Ph.D. in Molecular Cell Biology

Summer Experiences: Research Student at the Cleveland Clinic Lerner Research Institute (2022), COS-SURF (2023)

Brett McLaughlin

Major: Biological Sciences; ACMS

Minor: Italian

Mentor: Dr. Zachary Schafer

Project Title: Discerning the Cellular Mechanisms Behind Friedreich’s Ataxia

Career Plans: Career in Pharmaceuticals

Summer Experiences: Study Abroad (2022), COS-SURF (2023)

Chris Mix

Major: Biology, concentration in Infectious Disease and Global Health

Minor: Theology

Mentor: Dr. Jason Rohr

Project Title: Examining the Thermal Mismatch Hypothesis in Human Populations

Career Plans: Master's in Public Health with a focus in Epidemiology, eventually working in a public health department

Summer Experiences: UNDERC (2022), Mosquito Project Surveillance program at ND partnered with the St. Joseph's County Health Department (2023)

Tara Neufell

Major: Environmental Sciences

Minor: Data Science

Mentor: Dr. Beth Archie

Project Title: Potential Chemical Reproductive Communication in Baboons (Papio anubis & Papio cynocephalus)

Career Plans: Graduate school before pursuing a career revolved around wildlife conservation research and education

Summer Experiences: UNDERC Track 1 Program (2022), Rocky Mountain Biological Laboratory Education Program (2023)

Amanda Waelde

Major: Biological Sciences

Minor: Bioengineering, Theology

Mentor: Dr. Matthew Champion

Project Title: Utilization of the Novel N-Terminal Protease Tryp-N

Career Plans: Graduate school before pursuing a career as a professor

Summer Experiences: LSU Health Sciences Center Internship (2021), COS-SURF (2022, 2023)