Aug 2019    Sharif Rahmy received Walther Cancer Foundation Interdisciplinary Interface Training Program (IITP) award, which will support him for two years. Sharif has Dr. Lu and Dr. Brian Blagg as mentors for his project on combination immunotherapy. We are grateful to Harper Cancer Research Institute and WCF for this opportunity. Congratulations, Sharif!

Aug 2019    Our lab is awarded with the Elsa U. Pardee Foundation Research Grant to support a project to develop novel inhibitors to treat prostate cancer. We are deeply grateful to the support from Elsa U. Pardee Foundation!

July 2019    Our lab is awarded with the 2019 AD&T Discovery Fund to support our collaborative project on new methods of exosome purification for immunotherapy applications. Yini Zhu leads this project.

July 2019    Our lab is awarded with the Mary Kay Foundation Cancer Research Grant to support a project titled “Novel Antibody-Drug Conjugate as Personalized Therapy for Metastatic Breast, Ovarian and Endometrial Cancers”. We express our greatest appreciation to Mary Kay Foundation!

July 2019    Welcome three iSURE students from top universities in China:Tianrui Zhang, Caiqin Wang, and Kaiwen Zhu! They will collaborate with lab members to work on exciting summer research projects.

June 2019    Yanting (Raven) Luo, junior undergraduate student with biology major in Honors Program, won SURF from Boler-Parseghian Center for Rare and Neglected Diseases to support her summer research in the lab! Congratulations!

May 2019    Sharif Rahmy presented a poster “Identifying Functional Drivers for Immunotherapy Resistance” at the IUSCC Cancer Research Day, Indianapolis. Sharif’s presentation was highlighted on the IU website:

May 2019    Midwest Tumor Microenvironment Meeting was successfully held at University of Notre Dame. The meeting hosted over 130 researchers in the tumor microenvironment field in the Midwest. Dr. Xin Lu was a co-organizer.

Apr 2019    Dr. Xin Lu invited Dr. Hua Yu to give the Department Seminar titled “STAT3: from fundamental discoveries to clinical translation”. Dr. Yu is Billy and Audrey L. Wilder Professor of Tumor Immunotherapy at City of Hope National Medical Center.

Apr 2019    Dr. Xin Lu was invited as a Grand Rounds Speaker at University of Iowa Holden Comprehensive Cancer Center, Iowa City, IA. Dr. Lu gave a talk titled “Decipher and Targeting Immunosuppressive Myeloid Cells in Cancer”.

Apr 2019    Tianhe, Sharif and Yini present their posters in the Harper Cancer Research Day.

Jan 2019    Yanting (Raven) Luo, junior undergraduate student with biology major in Honors Program, won the Research Like A Champion award from Harper Cancer Research Institute! The $12,500 research award can be used to support summer student stipends, research supplies, and travel. Congratulations!

Nov 2018    ND press coverage of Shan and Xi’s PNAS paper

Oct 2018    ND press coverage of Dr. Lu’s winning of a prestigious Susan G. Komen grant

Oct 2018    Sharif gave an oral presentation in the 2018 IBUR-IUSCC Basic Urological Research Symposium (Purdue University).

Oct 2018    Welcome Fall 2018, 2nd round rotation students: Armando Marrufo (BIOS), Samantha Golomb (BIOS) and Yuting Zhang (IBMS)!

Oct 2018    Congratulations to Sharif Rahmy for receiving the Riley Graduate Fellowship!

Aug 2018    Congratulations to Shan Feng and Xi Cheng for their PNAS paper being accepted for publication! This is the first independent research publication from the Lu group.

Aug 2018    Welcome Miaomiao Sun (ND BIOS 1st graduate student) and Xuechun Wang (Visiting PhD student) to join lab!

July 2018    Welcome Fall 2018, 1st round rotation students: Guoqiang Liu (IBMS), Meidan Wang (BIOS), and Sean Murphy (BIOS), in order of arrival.

June 2018    Welcome Karolina I. Pellot Ortiz from the University of Puerto Rico and Yuting Yang from Sichuan University (China) as undergraduate researchers in the summer! They are supported through REU and iSURE, respectively.

May 2018    Congratulations to Jacqueline Weinrich, Xiao Han and Andrew Frear to receive COS-SURF, Harper SURF, and CRND SURF, respectively! They will be working in the summer for their undergraduate research projects.

5/18/2018    Congratulations to William Morgenlander and Sam Arroyo to graduate and get bachelor degrees from University of Notre Dame! Also congratulations to William for receiving the Outstanding Biological Scientist Award from the Department of Biological Sciences!

4/1/2018     Welcome Tianhe Huang to join lab as a visiting graduate student!

3/15/2018    Welcome Yini Zhu to join lab as the second Ph.D. student from IBMS program!

12/11/2017  The lab receives an American Cancer Society Institutional Research Grant through Harper Cancer Research Institute to support the protein nitration project, carried out by Dr. Shan Feng.

9/1/2017     Welcome Xi Cheng to join lab as a visiting graduate student!

7/27/2017   Dr. Lu’s work is highlighted by Department of Defense Congressionally Directed Medical Research Programs.

7/18/2017   Dr. Shan Feng is awarded with Walther Cancer Foundation Cancer Cure Ventures Grant for his study on novel antibody-drug conjugate. His project is based on collaboration between Lu lab and the Laboratory of Dr. Matt Webber. Congratulations to Shan! We appreciate funding from Harper Cancer Research Institute/Walther Cancer Foundation.

6/1/2017     Welcome Sharif to become our first PhD graduate student! Keep good coming, Sharif! 

5/2/2017     Sam Arroyo wins 2017 Summer Undergraduate Research Fellow to support his summer research. Project title: "Myeloid Derived Suppressor Cells in Bone Metastasis of Prostate Cancer". Congratulations! More info here.

5/25/2017   Dr. Xin Lu wins 2017 Indiana CTSI Young Investigator Award. Project title "Novel Antibody-Drug Conjugates for Personalized Therapy of Lethal Prostate Cancer". Congratulations! More info here.

4/10/2017   William and Nat won the Glynn Academic Year Funding for Science Students, which will support their summer salary for research. Congratulations!

2/1/2017     Grand opening of Lu Lab!